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Omar's Rawtopia
Peace Through Food
2148 Highland Dr  See Map
Salt Lake City.......(801) 486-0332
Monday 12pm - 8pm
Tuesday 12pm - 8pm
Wednesday 12pm - 8pm
Thursday 12pm - 8pm
Friday 12pm - 9pm
Saturday 12pm 9 pm
Sunday closed

Everything is Raw and Organic. Everything is Alive. Everything is Scrumptious and flavorful. And it’s all fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts? …What is this place?! It’s Omar’s Rawtopia, Salt Lake’s famous and only all Raw Food Gourmet Cuisine. Serving exotic, fresh, Organic, amazing meals that are influenced by a Lebanese Chef and Alchemist Omar Abou-Ismail and his amazing Staff. From Raw Pizza, pasta, lebanese wrap, surprisingly delicious amazing veggie burgers to Spicy Curry Seaweed Rolls to mouth-watering Chocolate Crème Pie, Chocolate superfood fudge balls, and Berry Cheese Cakes, puddings, and much more... every dish will surprise and delight you.

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Staff Notes

K. Mullen
Eating at Omar's Rawtopia is not only an extremely delectable gastronomic experience, but an investment in your health. Using organic ingredients that hold the utmost integrity, each dish is thoughtfully prepared with patience, peace and love. I've personally benefited from their nutritious healing properties and I suggest you do to! From small bites to large proportions, there is something for all appetites and budgets to enjoy!
Sustainability Statement
At Rawtopia, our goal is to provide sustainable practices for all. We use 100% organic ingredients from the highest quality sources. We purchase our produce locally whenever we can, from farmers we know personally. We compost food waste, recycle, and use eco-friendly, compostable to-go containers & silverware. We use recycled napkins & paper towels. Most importantly, we recognize that raw food is a gift of love from the earth, and we give our thanks back to her, and to each person who walks in our door.
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