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Green Living Made Simple (TM) - Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Green Living Made Simple (TM) - Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado
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The ReDirect Guide is a new breed of media company - one that is dedicated solely to creating innovative and effective media that encourages green living and sustainable communities; one that focuses on the end result of its messages instead of simply contributing to the chatter of commercialism; one that holds itself to the market rigors of a for-profit corporation while operating with a mission and ethics expected of a non-profit organization; and one whose actions are driven by three bottom lines - planet, people, profit.

Our products and services are designed to promote businesses that incorporate environmental and social responsibility, to strengthen community, to provide educational resources, and perhaps most importantly, to make it easy for consumers to find healthy and sustainable products and services in their area. As our name implies, we redirect consumer support to sustainable companies by providing an easy to use guide to green businesses and local resources.

We understand that in our society, every dollar we spend represents a choice, and those choices cumulatively determine what appears in the marketplace. Corporations producing goods will respond to increased demand for sustainable products, and likewise, will respond to declining demand for products that harm our environment, workers, or communities. We believe that by redirecting buyers to businesses offering earth friendly, socially responsible, and health oriented goods and services, we are helping to guide the way to a vibrant, healthy and sustainable future.

Currently, we are proud to serve communities with our offices in three regions: the Portland and Vancouver metro area of Oregon and Washington, the Greater Salt Lake City and Park City region of Utah, and the Northern Front Range region of Colorado including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and the surrounding communities.

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Products & Services

The ReDirect Guides: We are best known as the publishers of the ReDirect Guides - a green business directory and resource guide for each of the three regions we serve. These annual directories of healthy and sustainable businesses are chock full of substantially better options for everyday purchases, presented alongside regionally appropriate educational articles and community resources. Each business, organization, and resource is screened and qualified by our staff to ensure that we are promoting environmentally and socially responsible products and services.

The ReDirect Guide is always free to the community, and we distribute the copies widely, actively, and throughout the entire year. In each copy, readers can find categorically organized green business listings and ads, concise and informative educational articles, community resources such as maps and events listings, our catalog-like Green Marketplace section, our Eco-Travel and Daytrips section, and other features designed to make living green fun, easy, and rewarding. Our website complements our printed directories, and we continuously update this site with new listings, events, and information. As with the printed ReDirect Guides, the website has regionally appropriate information for each community we serve. continues to evolve with new features intended to benefit our communities, so please visit often.

ReDirect Guide Visa: The planet's first credit card that offsets carbon emissions with every purchase and offers discounts and special offers from green businesses. This revolutionary card not only reminds you to buy healthy and sustainable products and services, it also rewards you and helps reduce your carbon footprint to help address global climate change. Learn more about this card, our partners, carbon offsets, and discounts by reviewing the ReDirect Guide Visa information.

Sustainable Event Production: For the past seven years, we have also been producing expos, fairs, festivals, business-to-business networking socials, and other events. These innovative and interactive events have provided yet another forum for conscientious people to discover environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and healthy products and services. Our event production history prominently includes:

Creative Services: We combine our extensive experience in graphic design, publishing, communications, marketing, event management and community outreach to help our sustainable business clients communicate clearly and effectively about the ecological, social, and health advantages of their companies.

Consulting, Speaking Engagements and Special Projects: The ReDirect Guide team has earned a unique set of knowledge and skills through our deep involvement with a broad spectrum of sustainable businesses, initiatives, and policies. From our vantage, we see what works, where market opportunities exist, and what is on the horizon for sustainability.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of private and public entities, and we have strong alliances with third party professionals for quick assembly of a specialized project team. Our capabilities and project history include sustainability consulting and research, custom publishing and print management, distribution strategy development, event production assistance, board and committee involvement, and speaking engagements. We welcome inquiries on how we can assist your organization or cause.

In Development: At the ReDirect Guide, we dedicate our creativity, passion, resources and talents into continuously improving our existing products and services, as well as inventing new offerings that will help us achieve our mission. We encourage you to sign up on our mailing list so that we can keep you informed of our events and other significant updates.

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Our Philosophy

While we don't advocate rampant consumerism, we do acknowledge that we all have needs and desires that will drive consumption and that we live with a marketplace full of choices, mixed messages, and confusing certifications and claims. We know that consumers have a direct and massive influence on how products are made and services are offered. We also believe that as members of the global community we have the opportunity to shape the world in which we live.

Our work at the ReDirect Guide is intended to provide pragmatic and easy to use tools to help everyday people make green choices in their everyday purchases. We believe that by finding, qualifying, and presenting green businesses in easy to use formats, we are helping individuals contribute to a better world with every dollar they spend.

We are fond of saying "Living green and spending with intention is easy with the ReDirect Guide."

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Our Mission & Values Statement

Our mission at the ReDirect Guide is to foster the growth of the sustainable business community, facilitate green lifestyles, and empower consumers to leverage their everyday purchasing decisions into powerful and measurable support for social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and healthy communities.

We adhere to the following principle values, listed without regard to priority:

  • We value, adhere to, and promote the concept of three bottom lines in business decisions - earth, economy, and equity.
  • We deeply value our employees, customers, readers, and communities and pledge to forge positive, respectful, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • We value healthy individuals and communities, knowing that good health, peace, and opportunity afford focus on protecting the Earth and its inhabitants.
  • We acknowledge the intrinsic value of all species and the habitats upon which they are dependent and interconnected.
  • We value education and initiatives focused on healthy and sustainable communities and their interdependent relationship to our global environment.
  • We value the honest and diligent assessment of our own ecological and social footprint and commit to exploring ways to lessen our negative impacts.
  • We value and pledge to contribute to the creation of new companies, jobs, and careers in the sustainable business community.
  • We value local community and regional economy, while embracing the benefits of responsible national and international exchange of ideas and commerce.
  • We promote the concept of moving beyond sustainability into a paradigm where human activity results in a net positive impact to the Earth and its inhabitants through environmental restoration, peace, social equity, and proactive planning.

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Who Qualifies to be in the ReDirect Guide?

The decision of who can "qualify" to be listed in the ReDirect Guide is not always an easy one to make. With our mission in mind, we meet with and evaluate every potential advertiser in a preliminary interview to determine whether or not that organization offers our readers "a substantially better choice" than business-as-usual. That way you can be confident that the businesses and organizations presented in the ReDirect Guide are truly offering green products and services. Most commonly, we work with businesses or organizations that offer goods and services that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, or health-oriented.

A great example of a business that meets all three criteria is a bicycle shop, which offers affordable, alternative transportation that encourages exercise and fitness. Other advertisers, given the nature of their business, however, cannot be evaluated according to this "substantially better choice" rule. In these cases, we must make a judgment based upon each individual organization, and we do so with the integrity of the overall Guide in mind. We are often asked if we refuse advertising dollars by turning companies away - the answer is a resounding "yes." However, when a company fails to qualify, we try to offer recommendations on how they may implement sustainable practices, so that we may reevaluate them for future inclusion.

In summary, we have a balancing act to perform - on one hand, we must provide our readers with enough businesses and categories to make the ReDirect Guide a useful tool. On the other, we must be diligent to avoid "diluting" our directory with organizations that do not contribute to a more healthful and sustainable economy. We will continue to work carefully to avoid upsetting this balance and encourage your feedback to help us stay on course.

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Guiding by Example: Our Words in Action

At the ReDirect Guide we take sustainable practices, our mission, and our values seriously in every aspect of our operations. We diligently consider how our actions and decisions will impact the earth, economy, and equity bottom lines. The following is a list of some of our policies and actions that demonstrate our commitment to guiding by example:

  • Equal Access and Apolitical Nature: Copies of the ReDirect Guides are always free and distributed widely throughout the Portland and Vancouver; Salt Lake and Park City; Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins regional areas. The content is also freely accessible on our website and we offer free entry into our community events. We strive to maintain political neutrality in our work. We believe that everyone should have access to information and education about healthy and sustainable living, and work diligently to provide that access. Sustainability will never be successful if limited to a small group of individuals - it must be embraced by the majority.

  • Paper Selection and Printing: We print the ReDirect Guides on 100% recycled, process chlorine free (PCF) paper, sourced from paper companies that purchase renewable energy credits or operate using renewable energy resources. When possible, we select paper mills that are also as close as possible to the printing facility to minimize transport related embodied energy. We specify the use of vegetable based inks, avoid unnecessary varnishing treatments, and reuse shipping boxes and pallets.

  • Sustainable Pricing Structure: Our company was founded with a basic tenet that effective advertising should be accessible to all businesses who are contributing to healthy and sustainable communities. We believe in having rates set to serve the full spectrum of businesses - from individual proprietors and startups to international corporations. We achieve this goal by offering easily affordable rates, interest free payment plans, as well as substantial discounts and scholarship opportunities for nonprofit organizations. In return, we deliver multifaceted, highly visible advertising.

  • Distribution and Transit: We distribute the ReDirect Guide using bicycles, an electric scooter, bio-diesel, natural gas (CNG), and fuel-efficient vehicles to as great an extent as possible. We plan delivery routes that will maximize fuel efficiency and multipurpose our trips. We incorporate awareness of clean air action alerts and high traffic times into our transit decisions. When travel is required, we purchase carbon offset credits for flights taken, choose green hotels or lodging options, and seek out other ways to mitigate the impacts associated. The racks we build to display the Guide are made from wheat board, low-VOC finishes, and are designed for minimal waste in production and maximum lifespan.

  • Employee Relationships: We offer living wages, healthcare benefits, profit sharing, flexibility, and a supportive, nondiscriminatory and open environment to our employees. We believe our workplaces should fuel employees' passions for a better world and encourage each individual to thrive, learn, participate, grow and share.

  • Offices: Our office locations are chosen to minimize overall commuting and we often work in virtual office environments. The offices are equipped with a variety of healthy and non-toxic amenities and improvements such as zero-VOC paints and desks made from reclaimed materials and wheatboard. We purchase green power and we diligently minimize energy usage by using natural temperature regulation, CFL light bulbs, low energy consumption electronics, and, of course, simple conservation techniques.

  • Purchasing Policies: We purchase office supplies, building materials, fuel, energy, and other goods and services from our clients whenever possible. Our preferences are focused further on reclaimed, recycled, or sustainably sourced content, right-sizing, end-of-life options, embodied energy, and durability. To reduce the use of paper in our office, we use electronic systems whenever possible, and use both sides of sheets.

  • Community Involvement: We produce green living expos, fairs, festivals and other events throughout the year that emphasize education, community building, and promotion of sustainable business. We donate 100% of the door proceeds from these events to local non profit partners to further strengthen the communities we serve. Additionally, we sponsor, promote, and participate in others' events throughout the year that provide education about sustainable and healthy living or provide us a means to promote the socially responsible and eco friendly business community.

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Our History

In 1999, Michael Johnson - the Founder of the ReDirect Guide - made the difficult decision to abandon a business plan he had been working on for several years for a green building materials store in Portland, Oregon. Having developed a passion for green building and environmental protection in his education and previous career, the store was to be a culmination of his dreams and experiences. The Achilles Heel for that plan - the reason he felt he had to abandon it - was rooted in advertising. Simply put, traditional media were all price prohibitive and no media existed to connect conscientious consumers to local, healthy and sustainable companies.

Recognizing the advertising problem as a market opportunity led to the creation of the ReDirect Guide. The first edition included a green business directory along with articles and community resources; and was released in Portland on Earth Day in 2001. Encouraged by the community's tremendously positive response, we continued to build and improve our products and services to best meet the outreach needs of many different types of businesses. In 2004 and 2006, respectively, we accepted invitations from community members and organizations in Utah and Colorado to create local ReDirect Guides in those regions. We now have offices and local staff in each of those regions, and continue our work to make the most effective community resources possible.

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