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Green Living Made Simple (TM) - Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah
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Green Living Made Simple (TM) - Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah
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Build Green Utah
Build Green Utah is leading the region in cutting edge home building for the future. As an active council of the Park City area
Home Builders Association, Build Green Utah is a member-driven organization comprised of proactive builders, architects, and associates who are investing in an environmentally sound, socially supportive, and economically healthy future for all.

Curb It Recycling
Curb It Recycling is a full service recycling collector, collecting recycling from small and large businesses. They provide a high level of customer service, while making recycling easy and affordable.

Design Build BLUFF
DesignBuildBLUFF is an organization that partners with University of Utah students to design and build off-grid homes. Using green techniques like solar, straw bale, and rainwater reclamation, DBB constructs sustainable, viable dwellings. DBB aspires to open minds to alternative design and green building methods, leading to an environmentally responsible construction community.

Downtown Alliance
The Alliance’s mission is to foster business, community and culture in downtown Salt Lake City. From Farmers Markets at Pioneer Park to the Live Green Fair, they promote doing business, shopping, recreating, and living in beautiful downtown Salt Lake.

Great Salt Lake Audubon
The Great Salt Lake Audubon is dedicated to protecting and enhancing habitat for wild plants and animals, particularly birds, and maintaining healthy and diverse environments for wildlife and people throughout the state.

HawkWatch International
HawkWatch works to protect hawks, eagles, other birds of prey and their environment through research, education and conservation. By monitoring and protecting raptors, we can also protect our shared environment, our rich national heritage and ourselves.

Hogle Zoo
Utah’s Hogle Zoo nurtures respect and appreciation for the natural world by providing diverse educational, recreational, and conservation opportunities. This is accomplished through imaginative exhibits and programs, professional animal care, and a commitment to excellence.

Hope and
Hope and seeks to promote Utah’s environmental groups in their efforts

to educate and motivate the public on solutions to global warming and creating a cleaner, healthier planet. is an easily accessible website containing all the information needed to understand where we are today, what environmental groups are doing, and most importantly, what you can do to make a difference.

International Wolf Center
The International Wolf Center teaches the world about wolves through learning vacations, a membership program, an interpretive center in Northern Minnesota, international conferences, youth outreach programs, teacher education resources and workshops, a quarterly magazine and a website.

KCPW 1010 AM, 105.3 & 88.3 FM
KCPW brings high quality local, national and international news and information programs to our community, including Midday Metro, Midday Utah, and other top syndicated radio programs from NPR
and PRI.

KRCL 90.9 Community Radio
In 2008 KRCL will be making some changes to its format. Through the evolution some things will not change. Community service still means great music, along with public service announcements, the community calendar and promoting local events. KRCL will continue to be progressive, commercial-free, challenging, invigorating and committed to being Utah’s diverse, independent, and alternative voice.


KUER (90.1 FM) is a non-commercial radio station devoted to enriching people’s lives through an unbiased blend of news, information and entertainment. It is is known for its news, info and talk during the day and jazz music in the evening.

Net Impact
Net Impact is a group of agents for change, advocating for social, environmental, and economic sustainability. They visit landmark companies and interact with professionals to make positive change in the business sector. Improve your company’s triple-bottom line of social, ecological, and economic impact.

One World Everybody Eats
One World Everybody Eats believes that no one should go hungry. They trust customers to be inspired, honest, and fair in their exchange of money and/or work for the seasonal, gourmet, organic food that is prepared mindfully and in a heartfelt way. Open 7 days a week at 41 S 300 E.

Park City School of Music
The Park City School of Music is UMF’s year-round organization featuring fine music education, masterclass and workshop outreach to Utah’s public and private schools, and a variety of faculty and student public concerts. The organization is regularly seeking students and faculty, volunteers, and board members.

Park Silly Sunday Market
The Park Silly Sunday Market takes place every Sunday, June - October, on lower Main Street, Park City. It is an eco-friendly open air market, street festival, and community forum, featuring local art, jewelry, food, crafts, clothes, music and more! It is an opportunity for neighbors and friends to come together and celebrate a community of fun and funky Park Sillians.

People’s Market
The People’s Market promotes community pride, diversity and entrepreneurship. The Market operates June - October at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City, where you will find fresh, local fruits, vegetables, and nuts along with offerings from local artisans and chefs, and entertainment provided by local musicians. The Market also offers educational and community involvement opportunities.

Post Carbon Salt Lake
Post Carbon Salt Lake is raising awareness about Peak Oil and the need to prepare for “energy descent” by transitioning to reduced-energy lifestyles and by strengthening local food, local economy, and local energy. They host regular meetings, film screenings, and can provide PowerPoint presentations to groups.

Realms of Inquiry
Realms of Inquiry was founded in 1972 as a special school for gifted, talented and creative students. Our purpose is to provide a challenging, individualized education for students who may have non-traditional learning styles, who need to learn at their own rate and want to develop their natural individual talents and interests.

Recycle Utah
Recycle Utah’s Mission is to provide leadership and education to promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling in Summit and Wasatch Counties. Recycle Utah provides recycling facilities and resources.

Recycling Information Office
The Recycling Information Office answers everything from what to recycle and where, to how to compost in Salt Lake, visit the Recycling Information Office’s website.

Rowland Hall / St. Mark ’s School and Rowmark Academy
At Utah’s oldest independent school, 970 students experience small classes, close relationships with teachers, a curriculum enriched by the arts and athletics, while annually dedicating 10,000 service hours to making our community a better place to live and learn.

Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
The mission of the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a cleaner and safer society. The Bicycle Collective provides refurbished bicycles, free classes and helmets. Community Shop at 2312 S West Temple. Volunteer hours: Monday, 5 to 9 pm. Open shop hours: Tuesdays, 5 to 9 pm.

Salt Lake Symphonic Winds
Salt Lake Symphonic Winds is an adult community wind ensemble of about 65 musicians who come from all walks of life. Rehearsals on Tuesday evenings during the traditional school year at Highland High school Instrumental rehearsal room. This year will be their 14th season of continuing pursuit of musical excellence.

Sego Lily School
Sego Lily, modeled after the Sudbury Valley School, offers a unique educational environment for ages 4-19. The natural joy of learning is honored as students pursue their passions and interests. Students deepen their sense of empowerment as they democratically make decisions. Informational Meetings are held every third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm. 1533 E Murray-Holladay Rd.

Seven Canyons School
Seven Canyons School follows the Waldorf curriculum, which embraces a creative, natural approach to learning. It incorporates the arts and academics to educate the head, hands and heart. They are starting with Preschool through second grade and an additional grade will be added each year.

Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District
The SBWRD provides wastewater collection and reclamation services to the Snyderville Basin and Park City area. SBWRD collects wastewater from just over 10,000 homes and businesses in the area. To accomplish this purpose the District operates and maintains the East Canyon Water Reclamation Facility and the Silver Creek Water Reclamation Facility.

Summit Land Conservancy
Summit Land Conservancy, in partnership with landowners, works to protect the remaining agricultural lands, view sheds, animal habitats, waterways, and rangelands in Summit County. The Conservancy is a local advocate for open land, encouraging awareness, community dialogue and creative solutions for everyone in Summit County.

Sustainable Travel International
STI is dedicated to providing education and outreach services that help travelers, travel providers and related organizations support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage while promoting cross-cultural understanding and economic development.

Swaner EcoCenter
Swaner EcoCenter, opening September 2008, is a fun and engaging place to elevate your knowledge of environmental issues. Activities include youth, adult, and family events, lecture/film series, private parties, and more. Sophisticated exhibits, a contemporary theater, an interactive climbing wall, a 400-foot pier, and an observation tower with wildlife spotting scopes overlooking 1200 acres of protected land.

Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages provides vital, fair income to Third World artisans in more than 30 countries who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories throughout North America. This income helps pay for food, education, health care and housing. Visit the store location at 1941 S 1100 E.

The Shop Yoga Studio
The Shop Yoga Studio is a nonprofit community yoga studio where life is celebrated. They feature Anusara Yoga as founded and taught by John Friend. Certified and inspired teachers with extensive experience and training who help guide you in your practice. Yoga can be instrumental in the journey to a joyfully engaged life.

Tracy Aviary
Tracy Aviary fosters caring for the natural world, enriching and transforming lives through people’s connection with birds. Using their bird collection, programs and exhibits, they engage and educate others while participating in conservation efforts through research and direct action.

Help grow a greener community by helping TreeUtah. You can make a difference in your neighborhood by organizing a tree planting project or by helping with one of our ongoing projects. TreeUtah hopes to inspire and empower communities to become stewards of the environment. Look online for the next planting project.

Utah Bioneers Conference
Bioneers facilitates extraordinary national speakers (via satellite), local workshops, food, music, art, and community building. Participants will spend three rejuvenating days exploring the ways environmental, economic and social justice questions play themselves out in our community, homes, and personal lives.

Utah Clean Air Alliance
Utah Clean Air Alliance works to nurture the foundation of a diverse and inclusive coalition dedicated to cleaning up Utah’s air. They invite members of all communities - health, faith, business, civic, and environmental. The Alliance strives to improve the Utah’s air quality by influencing each individual, business, and corporation to modify their daily behavior to reduce air pollution.

Utah Clean Cities Coalition
The Utah Clean Cities Coalition advocates for the increased use of alternative fuel vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel economy and efficiency, “blends” and biodiesel, and engine idle reduction. Locally, they are made up of stakeholders and partners interested in promoting these objectives on a local level.

Utah Free Media
Utah Free Media is volunteer grassroots broadcasting organization that lives on-line. It is founded by locals who know community radio and who will rely on the involvement of volunteers who are dedicated to quality on-air programming. It is built on the idea that community radio should be as transparent and as inclusive as possible.

Utah Moms For Clean Air
Utah Moms for Clean Air is a nonprofit, grassroots group of mothers and allies who share a concern about the health impacts of Utah’s dirty air. They are committed to addressing the root causes of our air pollution through legislative and regulatory measures as well as public outreach and education. Volunteers and donations needed.

Utah Museum of Natural History
UMNH illuminates the natural world and the place of humans within it, introduces new perspectives on and inspires passion for the natural world. UMNH allows adults and children alike to celebrate Utah’s native peoples, cultures, and extraordinary environments. The Museum work is based on several fundamental concepts: evolution,
ecology, diversity, and sustainability.

Utah Population & Environment Coalition
The Utah Population & Environment Coalition promotes sustainability in Utah. In 2007, UPEC completed a study on Utah’s Ecological Footprint. They give you the information to calculate your own ecological footprint and work to reduce it.

Utah Society for Environmental Education
The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) fosters environmental knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions that serve to expand the quality, scope and effectiveness of environmental education. USEE provides discussion courses, professional development for educators and support services for environmental education providers.

Venture Outdoors Festival
Millcreek Township celebrates its 3rd annual Venture Outdoors Festival Saturday, June 14th, 2008. The free, family-friendly event features live music, free kids run, recreation clinics, guest speakers, giveaways, creative children’s activities and great food all day long.

Wasatch Community Gardens
WCG helps people grow and share fresh produce and teach urban youth responsibility, cooperation and ecological awareness. The Garden is also a great resource to learn more about sustainable gardening. You can apply for a urban garden plot today on their website.

Wasatch Community Housing
An environmentally sensitive co-housing community only 10 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. Wasatch Community Housing balances privacy needs with community living and includes an on-site organic community garden. It’s where wonderful people share meals, responsibilities, and build a dynamic community.

Water Wise Utah
The Water Wise Utah Partnership wants to help you help UTAH. Utah is the 2nd driest state in the nation with the 2nd highest rates of water consumption. Living in the desert requires us to be responsible stewards of our precious natural resources. Utah is growing and all residents can help make water wise choices - be part of the ripple effect for water wise change!

Wolf Haven International
Wolf Haven International is a nonprofit organization that has been working for wolf conservation since 1982. As a sanctuary
for captive born wolves, Wolf Haven also provides educational guided walking tours and promotes wolf reestablishment and
protection in the wild.


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